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Journey Diaries – Faces

Last three months have been pretty different. In fact the entire year 2012 has been life changing experience for me. An eventful year in Europe has culminated with some special journeys through the hearts of India’s rural destinations. Even though it was started as a photo documentary project for Selco, a wonderful organization that aims at lighting the most underprivileged sector of societies in South India, it gave me more than just photographing experience.

In the first set of journey diaries, I would  like to post a series of photographs which are true representations of various experiences I have had during my Photo-Documentary journey. Though I found numerous ways through which these places captivated me, in this post, I would try to mainly focus on intricate intertwining relationship of life with some of the unimaginable circumstances in which these people are living. They smiled, laughed, shed tears, shared stories – sometimes silently, sometimes with heavy-hearted words..


A Blend

Camouflaged! Taken at one of the schools located in a slum located in the heart of Bangalore


They live in the heart of Bangalore. But electricity, water supply and other basic amenities are few luxuries they have never seen. Yet one thing remains the same. Drops of rain bring the same joy. To us, to them.


Color is a rarity here. 38 years back it was flushed out. Dhanushkodi comes in your dream, as a broken series of flashes..




Taken in a place called Halliberu, an utterly remote village at the bottom of Sahyadri Mountains near Kodachadri. Life is just unbelievably fragile here.. 


Siddhis, a special tribe having origins from Africa, now have blended into the deep rural settlements in Northern Karnataka. Taken at one of the interestingly build houses where touching stories were heard from the young girl.


It is the last one right? She asked! 


One moment, one request, one click and seven priceless expressions! Children from an underprivileged area on the outskirts of C

Inevitable   A normal day for an old woman at one of the rural settlement in Chitradurga.


Her words were priceless. Her memories were timeless. Shanthavva, 90 years old freedom fighter, now fights for her daily life, yet with the same undying spirit to tell                  her stories of life. Taken at Freedom Fighters village, Dharwad

Hide     Shot at a small Marathi village near Belgaum, I loved the way the kid tried to hide from the camera at the same time

Delight A tiny surprise, as Sreekanth said! Taken in Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, probably the best moment in our journey!



A Voyage

It was special. It was purely adventurous. Every journey scripted something new, every destination offered something special, every day sculpted unique stories, every night drenched us with its sheer brilliancy, every moment unraveled something incredible, every country treated with the taste of nativity, every city carved indelible sketches of its history, the past was present, present was overwhelming, future was forgotten and it was a voyage to remember!

Breezing fast trains, waving boats, enticing folks-wagons, ancient classics, brisk-pace buses  and many other moving us along..

backpacking across 5 nations, 6 cities and unlimited landscapes. Pretty Strasbourg to the grandeur of Prague, then a transcending journey to the hearts of modern Vienna; unfolded slowly as the thick fog brushed away by wheezing winds from the Alps. Followed by a surreal journey through the loving landscapes of Italy, to the wonder city of Venice. The city runs on water, sleeps on water and water trickles through every bit of a Venetian’s life. If telling good-bye to Venice was tough, the glimpse of Rome stupefied me. Absolute immortality of the heart of the great Roman Empire continues to confront bravely the brutishness of fading time. Dilapidated monuments married with modern mechanization still try not to betray their stories of courageousness. Bloods of Gladiators spilled on the walls of the Colosseum, gruesome attacks crumbled the empire, Augustus Emperors Maximus Caesars ruled the pinnacles, brought to the dusts, but none of these petrified the eternal flow of life here. Rome, stands apart as the quintessential essence of human striving for dominance, tremendous efforts in stamping the authority on the hard blocks of never stopping time.

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Moving out of Rome felt like abandoning a marvelous time travel. 5 days flew away in a flash. There had to be a last chapter in this phenomenal visual story, and an adieu was necessary. It was made in style. Journey along the western coast of Italy was fantastic. The historic city of Pisa is a jewel on the crown of Italy. Small yet stunning. Astonishing architecture of leaning tower of Pisa, steals the moments from the viewer. Every subtle change in the shades of Sun paints the tower with different colors. A fitting last destination for the journey through time! But the finale was not yet done! the ultimate journey back home was truly mesmerizing.

One day, along 4 countries, warmth of Sun, splashes of Rain, softness of snow, strength of storm, gloominess of grey clouds, breathtaking beauty of Alps, serenity of countryside, withered trees, snow-capped coniferous leaves, and every possible color of nature unfolded in those 10 hours of journey.

Thus, ends the tale of an extraordinary voyage through the heart of Europe!