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The Icy Battlefield

It was indeed a peaceful morning. A week of chilled wind had wheezed along the black forest valley and Strasbourg was literally frozen. The ever cheerful Ill river, which had produced some spectacular pictures before, had turned into an icy solid. The floating swans were vanished from 2 days. The redolent scent of strange silence was spreading slowly in the environment. Sharp wind whipping past the dormant ears quite often whispering some uncanny stories. I was all alone on the bank of the river, pondering on the glory of the same place  a couple of months before; full of flow, riveting with life, painted with infinite colors. But now, frozen river covered above with a hovering giant patch of cloud was all that remained. And yeah, some lost wanderers strolling along with their dogs appearing and slowly melting through the whiteness of ice..

Then it happened.  From nowhere a Seagull cruised down in a flash and stood on the water slowly picking up a piece of croissant from the top of frozen water. It took me  couple of seconds to realize that, the solidified water had become the place of experimental impact tests. Some meager stuffs were lying all over the ice, thrown by the curious people who wanted to check how hard the surface was! These brown little pieces were randomly scattered reminding some kind of debris!

Slowly but steadily a swarm of these Seagulls began ripples of activity in hitherto lifeless atmosphere. I did expect a family get together for the unexpected meal. I soon realized I was stupid. That was not a friendly meeting.

There was a battle.

The milky feathers of these flying angels suddenly morphed to the weapons whipping across acute wind. Within no time, humdrum icy world became the arena of fierce fight! Nature always likes to be fascinating. Otherwise, at the exact moments of rampant havoc, hidden Sun wouldn’t have sneaked out from the clouds to add the theatrical light to the menacing drama unraveling.

The scene was unfolding in sensational pace. The shadows were darkening terrifyingly. The came alive as the wings fluttered in breathtaking frequencies, got slaughtered by piercing beaks, kissed by falling feathers. Every bird had a  chaser. Every chaser had a contender and snatchers sneaking behind.

It continued with the same grisly fashion till all the pieces were picked and finished. Although it was very hard to focus on the breathtaking speed of the movements, some shots were framed scripting the story within.

And that is how I witnessed the hush silence of deathly cold turned out into a raucously broiling battlefield. In matter of few minutes..