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The Ancient Sound of Click!

Click! The sound seems very ancient right? If you love photography, this little clatter will make your hearing senses awaken. Although the advent of the digital world has partially muted the magical symphony of  mechanical movements, Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras still somehow manage to keep the crispy sound of shutters alive! Each time brain picks up a clicking sound, eyes deny blinking to see yet another creation on the display screen.

When I started exploring my mind to pick out a subject for the first post, one persistent chatter was hovering within the halo of the thinking process. It did not take much time to realize what it was! But while choosing a name for the blog as Create-Click-Capture,  I was skeptical that, out of around 3 million photography lovers on this planet at least one of them, could have previously thought about this name. Nevertheless, I chose this.  For me, photography is Creating a meaningful frame within your eyes, then Clicking  and to carefully Capture the frame.  For the first blog, I thought, I should dedicate it to the second C!

So here goes the first photo-word! For every fresh click, one fresh time-frame is frozen. Thus a fresh perspective is born! Here are some clicks which makes me to love them for their freshness! They are calm, they are serene, they are refreshing and they make me to sit back and feel lighter! I hope they do the same for you too!

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