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London 2012, A Stunning Spectacle!

The city has prepared for the last 8 years. Since that day in July 2005 when IOC selected London for the 2012 Olympic Games, the city has had a journey which is unforgettable in the memories of every Londoner. It was indeed an amazing experience to be absorbed in the world’s most awaited and respected sporting event. The city was dipped in a very special mood. 15 days of sporting spectacle has created a beautiful aura around this jewel of Britain.

The Olympic Lane

Olympic Mascot

The Olympic Car

Every element of London immersing in the games!

There were moments of joy, drops of tears, breaths of anguishing athletes, uncontrolled emotions, several firsts, bursts of extreme pace and power, unexpected jaw-droppers, anticipating eyes, births of new generation heroes, silently sung swan-songs, hundreds of colors and exploding cheers, midst of it all, a stunning city showing off its breathtaking wonders, just reiterating the importance of it from the days of colonization to the present day of changed world.

The Cyclists at London 2012

Tower Bridge and Olympics

Absorbing the Games near the Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge and the Olympic Rings

The Tower Bridge in the night


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