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A Simple Story

It is this time of year again. Time when world here starts getting painted with colors. Time when lethargic life shrugs off its numbness to a new revival. Time when lifeless trees miraculously start blooming. Time when nature brings out infinite rainbows in every single flower and every single leaf. This is the time again for a magic called Spring.

I wanted to write something on the beauty of change in the colors of nature. I wanted to capture every essence of the season change. But, I knew it was impossible for a poor writer like me to depict the immense vibrancy of her. I knew only very few gifted writers in the world can portray it.  And what I did not know was there existed another extraordinary story of life, silently unraveling on the trees of one of the most beautiful parks I have seen. Thanks to Angela for telling about it, I witnessed something truly astonishing. A remarkable family saga of hundreds of Storks building their new life.  An amazing picture of very rarely occurring human-nature friendship. This is a wonderful story of love and care of 2 parents towards their new-coming baby. But it was simple. So simple that even I could understand and tell it to you through pictures. It is this charm of nature which keeps some of us blissfully delighted towards the striking stories of life!

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I felt,  I saw something incredibly beautiful  that day. All the other things in this world did not matter for those storks. They were quietly immersed in their life, sometimes happily tapping their beak for a sweet tuk-tuk sound. Sometimes standing on only one foot! My 5 hours spent there, gave me something really new. Something newly refreshing. Something I never forget.