A Travel on Dream Planet!

The “Machine Extrordinaire”!

When I wrote about the unique sound of click in my first blog, I never thought I would soon hold a magic-machine creating this sound incessantly! Getting  some time to escape from frantic schedule is tough. If I would take out lens’ cap in this breather, it is joyful. But, if my wonderful Professor would hand-out an antique bag with some historic camera paraphernalia, and says ‘keep busy in clicking’ , it is delightful! If this turns out as the tool for my masters’ project, it is an absolute bliss! 

I had known Germans were good in machine making industries! But, this 1960s piece of brilliancy has boosted  my respect towards them. Elegantly carved out metallic body, astounding precision of mechanical movements, ample luxury of high-end analog SLR features has stunned my senses which were quite used to work with gentle sleekness of digitized counterparts! 

What makes this photo-exploration more fascinating is the pleasure of classic accessories Professor has provided with the camera. Three magnificent ‘objets d’art ‘ lenses with silky silvery diaphragms gives the actual feel of the word Aperture! Couple of antique top-notch light meters from Carl Zeiss, German Gossen Sixtino give an inexplicable feel in holding them! It will be a joyous journey with these ‘machines extraordinaires’!

More than everything, finally my lonely digital Nikon kid has got some pretty old friend to hear some exciting stories of Analogue World!! So, I keep them in the same bag!

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One response

  1. Wow Pathi!! awesome camera kano…. I had always wanted an SLR 🙂
    BTW you should develop some pictures of that camera and post it here 🙂 .

    November 24, 2011 at 6:21 pm

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